8IP Australian Small Companies Portfolio

The 8IP Australian Small Companies Portfolio provides a concentrated exposure to Australian small companies.

The investment team seeks to identify and invest in companies with under-recognised growth potential.

The Portfolio is limited in capacity and made available to wholesale investors as a managed discretionary account by Mason Stevens Limited. See key documents on the right of this page.

For further information please click here or contact a member of the 8IP team on +61 (0)2 8274 2088 or email at enquiry@8ip.com.au.

Key Features

Feature Details
Product Sponsor Mason Stevens
Product Type Managed Discretionary Account
Inception Date 29 January 2014
Minimum Investment $100,000
Liquidity Daily
Annual Cost of Fund 1.10% p.a. (inc. GST) management fee plus administration and custody fee of 0.275% p.a. (inc. GST) on balances up to AU$1,000,000 and 0.055% p.a. (inc. GST) on the portion of the balance above AU$1,000,000. Account service fee of $165 p.a. (inc. GST). A share transaction cost of 0.33% (inc. GST) applies to the value of each transaction.
Annual Performance Fee 22% over Hurdle (inc. GST)
Hurdle RBA Official Cash Rate + 2 percentage points per annum with high watermark applying

This is general information which does not take account of your particular objectives, financial circumstances or needs. You should consider the Fund's offering document in deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, the product.

Performance Summary (Net of Fees) July 2020

1m 3m 6m 1yr 3yr p.a. 5yr p.a. 10yr p.a. Inception p.a.
Fund (gross of fees)
Fund (net of fees) +13.47% +46.49% +7.47% +23.89% +11.43% +11.01% +19.37%

All returns are 8IP estimates for a representative portfolio and shown to two decimal places. Returns for periods of more than one year are annualised. Total returns include realised and unrealised gains and losses plus income and are time-weighted rates of return that adjust for external cash flows. Valuations are computed and performance reported in Australian dollars. Performance returns are presented before management and performance fees, but after all trading expenses. Strategy commenced with an 8IP representative portfolio as at 31 January 2014. First portfolio as a Managed Discretionary Account under the 8IP Australian Small Companies Model Portfolio Investment Mandate commenced on 25 June 2014.