About 8IP

8IP is a specialist manager of Asia Pacific equities.  It provides Australian and international investors access to this growing region through a range of investment products.

8IP has extensive experience in the Asia Pacific region which helps in understanding the characteristics and investment climate of each market.  8IP`s extensive network of contacts across the Asia Pacific provides valuable company, market and economic insights.

8IP has a very clear focus to deliver strong investment performance to investors.  The company`s boutique model and remuneration structure support this culture by aligning the interests of the investment team with  those of investors.  Key members of the investment team have equity in the business and they invest in its funds.

8IP`s majority shareholder is Sanlam International Investment Partners (SIIP), a member of the Sanlam group – one of South Africa`s largest financial services firms.  8IP manages Asia Pacific equity investments for the Sanlam group.